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Since 1854, from generation to generation since the Louis Vuitton Outlet with excellent quality, outstanding creativity, and exquisite craft has become a symbol of fashion travel art. Products include handbag, travel supplies, small leather goods, accessories, shoes, clothing, etc.
Louis vuitton LV purchase and consulting merchants (recommended)
[the] in guangzhou guangzhou mid-market square Louis Vuitton store
Address: guangzhou huanshi east road 367 mid-market plaza 101 shops
Telephone: 020-8331, 1592
[guangzhou] wine shops in guangzhou city LOUIS VUITTON
Address: yuexiu district in guangzhou liuhua road
International China (guangzhou) wenzhou bridge hotel plaza international brand Louis Vuitton store
Address: wenzhou xin river street bridge hotel wenzhou international China international famous brand square shops, 103-203
Telephone: 057-8822, 0333
[Beijing] Beijing international trade mall Louis Vuitton store
Address: Beijing Broadway street no. 1 Beijing international trade mall L116 & 201 shops
Telephone: 010-6505, 6213
[Beijing] Beijing wangfu peninsula hotel Louis Vuitton Handbags store
Address: Beijing wangfujing goldfish alley no. 8 wangfu peninsula hotel 1st floor
Telephone: 010-6523, 4210
[Shanghai] hang lung plaza Shanghai Louis Vuitton store
Address: Shanghai nanjing west road 1266 hang lung plaza, 1 / f, 136-138 shops
Telephone: 021-6288, 0183
/ shenzhen shenzhen citic city plaza, Louis Vuitton store
Address: shenzhen shennan road 1095 citic city plaza, 1010 shops
Telephone: 0755-2598, 8308
/ shenzhen shenzhen seibu department store Louis Vuitton store
Address: shenzhen dongmen south road shops S117 seibu department store, 3002-3002
Telephone: 0755-8238, 9201
[Hong Kong] Hong Kong Pacific place Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Online
Address: (admiralty MTR station), 88 queensway, Hong Kong Hong Kong Pacific place
Telephone: 2526-4475
[Hong Kong] land square, central, Hong Kong Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton
Address: central, queen's road central, central station) land square, central, Hong Kong
[] of hangzhou hangzhou tower Louis Vuitton store
Address: 1, hangzhou tower shopping center of hangzhou wulin square B 101 shops
Telephone: 0571-8506, 2588
[] of chengdu chengdu tianfu lido hotel sheraton hotel Louis Vuitton store
Address: chengdu city people's road 1 paragraph 15 tianfu S1 sheraton lido hotel shops
Telephone: 028-8676, 8390
[xi] xian zhongda international Louis Vuitton store
Address: xian xian south street 30 cuhk international AG01 / A101 shops
Telephone: 029-8720, 3668
[] of nanjing nanjing DE base square, Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton
Address: 18, zhongshan road, nanjing city, jiangsu province, nanjing, the square l102 l103 l105 l106
Address: 168 zhongshan road in wuxi city, jiangsu province wuxi yaohan
Marco Polo/xiamen, xiamen Luo Dongfang hotel Louis Vuitton store
Address: xiamen lakeshore north and thus road Marco Luo Dongfang hotel first floor 106 shops
Telephone: 0592-5075, 770
[] in dalian dalian shangri-la hotel Louis Vuitton store
Address: 66 # renmin road in dalian dalian shangri-la hotel first floor
Telephone: 0411-8252, 4975
] [tianjin tianjin friendship department store of Louis Vuitton Canada
Address: hexi district of tianjin youyi road 21 friendship department store
[] Qingdao Qingdao chaton boutique shopping mall Louis Vuitton store
Address: Qingdao Hong Kong middle road no. 76 chaton boutique shopping mall stores 1 1 layer
Telephone: 0532-8753, 0792
Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) Emprise women's wrist watch series
Hard box structure of the components is the foundation of strength and strong, and in their series of Emprise watch them as a visual aesthetic inspiration. Series of metal strengthening, locks and nail decoration become elegant ornament appeared again and again, at the same time of showing gentle temperament, will also rooted in a strong mark Louis vuitton history of perfection. Emprise watch series perfect show the spirit of Paris, this series contain geometry line with delicate beauty. Connection strap part special adopted from the corners of the metal suitcase package design, the founder, symmetric case was in the double inclined plane glass and diamond set off more show lively and attractive bright light.
Silks and satins coated leather strap and ribbon embossing leather strap, the expression of fashion in the praise.
Golden section Emprise watch inferior smooth sponge grain surface embossing, mapping the luggage inside the protective liner.
While stainless steel section Emprise watch dial chose black, white dichromatic, its decorative lines are reminiscent of Paris classic apartment peculiar wood paneling on metope. Wrist watch surface without digital scale, only at 5 o 'clock position with a simple Louis Vuitton Outlet initials logo, means "style" eternal theme.
Emprise watch series shows an elegant tiancheng, adhere to the style of contemporary female image. "She" elusive, and sometimes bold, sometimes charming charm. Infinite Paris amorous feelings in it.

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